Stella >> TWO

Form Meets Function

The Stella »Two LED Task Lamp is the newest member of the Stella family.  Intelligently designed with the user in mind, Stella »Two is for the individual who needs more overall light output, greater control over intensity and enhanced tactile feel. The Stella »Two is the ideal product for individuals who utilize adaptive technologies for low vision, reading, crafting and creating.  The weighted base keeps the lamp steady while the flex arm allows the light to be rotated nearly every direction.  The tactile raised touch pad is located on the base and allows the user to dim the light to ten (10) different brightness settings, while still offering our Tri-Spectrum technology.  The Stella » Two utilizes new state of the art Philips Lumiled high performance LED’s while offering over 50,000 hours of life and minimal heat with no bulb replacement!  The Stella »Two where form meets function.

Key Features

Tactile Controls

Lead with The Power of Touch. Based on consumer feedback and extensive testing from low vision users, we re-designed the touch pad to include raised tactile control buttons. This enables the user to maintain maximum control in low light/low vision environments.

10-Level Dimming

Stella » Two offers enhanced control with 10-Step Dimming capability. Now you can fine tune the brightness for even more control, exactly how you need it.


Stella » Two is 25% brighter than Original Stella.

Standard Stella Features

Tri-Spectrum Technology

The Stella » Two utilizes the brightest LEDs in the marketplace - Philips Lumiled High Output LEDs. Tri-Spectrum Technology gives the user maximum control over color spectrum and intensity. The user can change between Warm White (2800K), Pure White (4500K), and Cool White (5500K) depending on the desired light for the given activity. 

Flex Arm

As with ALL our Stella Lighting products, a segmented steel flexible arm gives the user complete control in positioning the light. The head of the lamp can be twisted and rotated with the promise that the light will hold its position and get you light exactly where you need it. 

Less Heat | No UV

LEDs produce very little heat and no UV rays so the light is comfortable and safe for you and your eyes

No Bulb Replacement

Stella utilizes state of the art LED technology on all our products.  Designed to be extremely durable, long lasting while offering maximum control or spectrum and intensity.

2 Year Warranty

Stella Lighting has a 100% customer guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money!